North Dakota Lawn Service & Landscape Contractors

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Landscaping companies & lawn maintenance contractors in North Dakota are listed below by city:





Yard Butler
(701) 250-5101

Nitro Green Professional Lawn & Tree Care
1500 E Main Ave
Bismarck, ND 58501-4673


(701) 794-3696


All-Terrain Grounds Maintenance
4663 13th Ave N
Fargo, ND 58102
(701) 280-3125

All-Terrain Grounds Maintenance
3542 46 Ave S
(701) 306-3575

Cutters Lawn Care & Snow Removal
Po Box 11272
(701) 219-1119




Lawn Service in North Dakota.

North Dakota is a great place to grow a lawn. The grass grows thick and lush in places like Grand Forks and Fargo. The people of North Dakota are known for enjoying nature. Unfortunately, some ND residents do not take lawn care seriously. They think that lawn maintenance in North Dakota is a joke and choose not to do anything to keep their lawns looking nice.

These people do not realize that by failing to keep up their lawns they are dragging down the property values of all of their neighbors. Yards that are not maintained become overrun with weeds and crab grass and other undesirable organisms. It is unsafe to have an overgrown yard. Overgrown yards are refuges for dirty insects, such as ticks, that can give people horrible diseases. No ND resident wants to catch something from a tick.

It is worth it to just hire a lawn service in North Dakota to make sure the lawn is relatively maintained. These lawn services do not cost too much money. People who do not have the funds to hire a professional lawn service in North Dakota or the time to maintain their own lawns should seriously consider having a service work on the lawn once every few months. This can ensure that the lawn does not become a safe haven for vermin and disease-carrying insects.

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North Dakota landscaping is commonly referred to as North Dakota lawn care or North Dakota lawn service. Many people don't know to differentiate between the different terms but in reality they are quite different.

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