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LAS VEGAS, NV 89107 Email Us
702-203-1714 OR 702 574 1852




Barba's Lawn Svc
2223 E Ogden Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89101-4551
(702) 382-1249

Rebel Lawn Care
3172 N Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89108-4534
(702) 656-2955

West Vent Svc
4411 Newton Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89121-6710
(702) 210-1866


Advantage Lawn Care
5460 Cameron St #105
Las Vegas, NV 89118-6205
(702) 257-8113

E Z Lawn Care
2974 Pay Less Ct
Las Vegas, NV 89115-7443
(702) 860-7743

7837 Indian Cloud Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89129-2181

Living Exteriors-Affordable Lawn Care
PO Box35213
Las Vegas, NV 89133
(702) 452-4000

Neat And Complete Lawn Care
4200 E. Bonanza Rd. #119
Las Vegas, NV 89110
702-556-5048 / 877-499-4554 ext. 2

205 Antelope Way
Las Vegas, NV 89145-5303
(702) 649-1101

C & D Maintenance
6832 Cedar Basin Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89142-3717

Bank Roll Lawn Care
Las Vegas, NV 89108
(702) 646-8118

Best of the West Handyman & Lawn Maintenance Inc.
5313 Blue Cove Ct
Las Vegas, NV 89131

Freeman Lawn Care
970 N Sloan #102
Las Vegas, NV 89110
(702) 629-0457


Basque Gardeners
9808 Dixon Ln
Reno, NV 89511-9455
(775) 853-3575

B & B Lawns
4310 Rio Poco Rd
Reno, NV 89502-6317
(775) 829-7539

Irish Green Lawn Maintenance
5100 Eldorado Dr
Reno, NV 89509-2917
(775) 786-7966

Perma Green by Trugreen
340 Western Rd #9
Reno, NV 89506-1522

Better Homes Landscaping
690 Georgia Pl
Reno, NV 89509-1233
(775) 329-5940

Neil's Lawn Care Svc
Reno, NV 89523
(775) 787-2931

Kramer's Lawn Maintenance
6283 Chesterfield Ln
Reno, NV 89523-1726
(775) 746-4214

Lawn Express
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 746-4214

JT's Lawn & Gardening Svc
Reno, NV 89511
(775) 853-1255

D & B Maintenance
755 E Taylor St
Reno, NV 89502-2540
(775) 337-8614


One Cut Above Lawn & Landscpg
914 Horizon Ct
Sparks, NV 89434-1522
(775) 331-3063




Lawn Service in Nevada

Taking care of even an average sized yard with a lawn can be challenging even in mild climates. Just to keep a yard with only a lawn looking neat and tidy takes weekly maintenance, but if you add trees, shrubs, or flowering plants the maintenance requirements can increase exponentially. In Nevada gardeners must also contend with the heat and near drought conditions. Lawn maintenance in Nevada has unique challenges that require knowledge not just of the weather, heat, and local flora in the area, but also must take into consideration the ever present problem of a limited water supply.

Even in a dry climate, people favor grass lawns. Lawn maintenance in Nevada requires a little bit more planning due to the arid climate. In Nevada the grasses that stand up best to the heat and low moisture are Bermuda grass, a fine fescue and Kentucky Blue grass mixture, a hybrid, or tall fescue. There are other varieties that will work, but many will not withstand the heat and quickly brown up, or they cannot be overseeded. Overseeding is extremely important in Nevada. In Nevada you want a yard that will be green year round, and one type of grass cannot sustain a green lawn for an entire year. Rye is commonly used in overseeding, usually done in the fall. When you overseed you will need an additional round of fertilizer as well. Another important consideration is where in live. If you live in Reno, NV you are in an entirely different hardiness zone and heat zone than in Las Vegas, NV. The maps and details of the hardiness and heat zones are available at the USDA website. By knowing your climate you can correctly pick the plants and grasses that will thrive in your yard. There are several specific things to do that can ensure a green beautiful lawn.

It is very important to keep grass at the right height. By using a recycling/mulching mower to keep your grass at the right heigh, you can reduce the number of fertilizations by one per year. Also you do not have to worry about lawn clippings, because they are mulched and get added back to the soil. By reducing the number of fertilizations and getting your grass to the right height with a mulching mower, water is conserved and yard waste is reduced.

With water conservation in mind, it is important to make sure that your lawn is watered correctly. There is a formula available online from the University of Nevada Reno that can help a gardener calculate the amount of water needed and when to water. One easy tip is to water in the mornings when it is cool, which reduces evaporation so that more water gets to the grass roots where it is needed. Also aerating your lawn on a regular basis will help with thatch buildup and ensure that water doesn’t run off but is absorbed by the lawn. One option to a lawn, or in addition to a lawn, is xeriscaping or dessert bioscaping. This is the practice of using plants that are native to arid environments to drastically reduce water consumption. Xeriscaping is more than just planting a yard full of cactus. It is advisable to take a course offered by an extension office, as xeriscaping requires more detailed knowledge of plants as well as specific landscaping requirements. If done correctly your yard could be a habitat for native wildlife as well.

If you are looking for a lawn service there are many options. Given the particular requirements of creating a lawn that will thrive in the Nevada environment, a professional may definitely be helpful. One option would be a large chain operation that has many crews. There are also many independently owned and operated lawn maintenance companies that will do a wonderful job. They can offer mowing, service and maintain you sprinkler system, provide fertilization and aeration, and also take care of trimming and pruning. Another option is to hire a horticulturist or a firm with a horticulturist. These professionals can provide expertise on plants, grasses, and specific landscaping. A professional lawn maintenance company or horticulturist can also make sure you use environmentally safe products, including pesticides if they are needed.

Lawn maintenance in Nevada can be a bit more difficult than in temperate climates, but it is manageable. Water conservation is a challenge, but there are many methods of reducing and reusing water on your lawn. It is possible to have a beautiful, green, lush lawn in Nevada without adding to the water shortage problem endemic to this state.

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Nevada landscaping is commonly referred to as Nevada lawn care or Nevada lawn service. Many people don't know to differentiate between the different terms but in reality they are quite different.

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