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*Secret Partner Promo*

I have been using APR for over 4 years now. They do a great job collecting from customers that have stopped paying. And to boot they keep it professional with the customer! I have had bad experiences with other collection agencies and it hurt my companies image.

So that is why I have worked out a special promotion for my readers and business members. To learn more and receive this special top secret discount you must call Andy Yavello at 248-948-0656.

Please keep in mind that when I negotiated this deal for you, I did not include a commission in it for me! I am doing this to help you guys out... Period!

~Kris Goodrich
"Your Business Guru"

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25 accounts
50 accounts
100 accounts
125 accounts
250 accounts
500 accounts
1000 accounts
Standard Pricing:
$20.00 an account
$16.99 an account
$15.75 an account
$15.50 an account
$14.25 an account
$12.99 an account
$11.99 an account
Discount Pricing:
$18.00 an account
$15.99 an account
$14.75 an account
$14.50 an account
$13.25 an account
$11.99 an account
$10.99 an account

Here are some videos about them...

And some more information about their great service...

If you are in the lawn care industry, a professional landscaper or an irrigation company, you know the issues surrounding getting paid on time and keeping your customers. You work hard for those customers and for a whole host of reasons, sometimes it's difficult to get paid for your services. Let APR help.

In short, they are the experts in collections for lawn care and landscaping companies and have the list of endorsements to prove it. No other collection agency serves the lawn care and landscaping industries like APR. With no less than ten nationwide endorsements from some of the top organizations in the green industry including PLANET, Scotts Lawn Service,, Weed Man, Lawn Doctor and many others, they are known for their expertise in this area.

  1. A cost-effective flat fee collections system,
  2. Tactful approach when contacting your customers
  3. Online APRweb system; making it easy to enter accounts at your convenience
  4. Team members dedicated to the lawn care and landscaping industries


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