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I know what you are going to say... "What can be so special about post cards?" the answer is A Lot. I have been doing all of my post card campaigns and more using their service. With the ability to personalize the postcards estimate requests increased 30%!

They do have other services as well. In the past I have spent time ordering new homeowner mail lists monthly to mail. This year is doing this for me... and amazing enough it will save me a couple bucks while saving me a ton of time! They also have typical mail lists at a fair price.

Some other mailing ideas... Do you send thank you cards for a customer referral, or a Welcome Aboard card when someone signs up? Why not! It is a great way to grow customer loyalty and promote even more customer referrals. With amazing mail you can personalize the card and send them out one at a time. Seriously just one by one if you want.

What about quality you may ask... Beautiful, thick, high gloss. And I have never seen any damage to the cards from mailing. That is how good they are.

So what is this promo anyway... As always I am looking out for my readers and business members. I receive NO commission! I have negotiated a 10% discount on each and every order you place, up to $200 off per order. Just use the code: 2Knight

You can also call Rich Hogenmiller, an awesome account executive, at 480-281-4876 to receive the discount and learn about their different services.

~Kris Goodrich
"Your Business Guru"

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Here is some more information to think about...

Nearly everyone knows that B2B means “Business to Business.” But there’s another meaning that is often overlooked: “Build to Build.” Specifically, build relationships to build your business. As many experts point-out, long-term relationships are the foundation of business growth. They provide a unique competitive edge.

Just like consumers, business customers want and need to be appreciated. This is why real cards are so important. High-quality, personalized cards are deliberate and meaningful expressions of appreciation and respect.

It’s time to let your business customers know they’re important to you. Get real…send a card.

Wait a minute... did you say personalized images too?

Not only unique text on each postcard, but unique images too!!!

From time to time, we like to let you know about new ways to increase the response to your marketing campaigns. You may have heard about Image Personalization before – the ability to write the recipient’s name in seashells or the company name in the clouds. It’s not only a cool, attention-grabbing piece of technology, but our customers are finding that it helps people really pay attention and respond to their mail pieces.

You can read how one of our customers got nearly 10X the response using Image Personalization, and review over 100 image sets to give you ideas on our site:


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