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Never Under or Overbid Again!

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One of the number one concern among contractors is bidding or estimating the right price. Too many professionals have under bid and over bid and as a result either lose jobs or lose money.

With the new landscaping estimate calculator from, you will be able to bid the exact price that will guarantee that you make the money that you want and provide the lowest price for your client. The best thing about this calculator is that it can be used by any type of contractor.

The Landscaping Estimate calculator was designed so that you can so that no matter the job, you will make the money that you want.  Just install the program on your computer and the estimate calculator is ready to go. We also have an online version of the estimate calculator that you can use from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Windows Desktop Version                                    

All you have to do is input a few numbers like # of employees that will be working on the job, estimated time to do the job, and so forth. After all the numbers are entered, the estimate calculator will tell you the price to bid on the job.

Whether you are a one man show or have a crew of 20 workers, the landscaping estimate calculator will give you the price to bid to make sure you make the money you want!

  • Windows Desktop Version
  • Online version also available

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