Tile Patterns The Secret To Success For Your Outdoor Area

Tile is one of the best mediums for outdoor areas. It comes in all shapes, sizes, materials and colors. However, if you want to make sure it looks outstanding you’ll need to pick the best tile pattern for the job. This can often make the difference between average and stunning, so it’s worth doing your homework.

Simplicity Can Do The Trick: The Straight Lay

This is one pattern everyone has seen but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. While most often it is used indoors in the kitchen and bathroom it also works very well on patios. Its name is pretty descriptive as the tiles are set in a straight line. Then each successive row is installed so the tiles are even with the one in front of it. This creates a simple uniform looking space that is very visually appealing. Many homeowners prefer to use tile of one color or material while others choose to alternate them. You can also spice this pattern up by using it with stone tiles which have naturally occurring variations in color. Because it is easier to install than other options, it can be a learning experience for anyone who would like to get started doing their own DIY outdoor projects, and save some cash at the same time.

Strength Is Important: The Running Bond

This is another tile pattern that can be attempted by those with not a lot of experience. It is most commonly known as the running bond but sometimes is referred to as the brick pattern. As you could probably guess that’s because it is most often seen on brick walls. The reason this layout is used in brickwork is because of its strength, and that makes it ideal for use on patios and walkways too where durability is crucial. Unlike when applied indoors where smaller tiles are usually used, when the running bond tile pattern is used outdoors, large tiles do look best. Also because the tiles are lined up so that they meet the halfway mark of the tile in the row before them, rectangular shaped tiles as opposed to square ones are a must.

Random Or Is It? The Versailles

Unless you have a lot of tiling experience this is a pattern that is probably smart to leave to a professional. Very different in layout from two listed above, it actually uses many different tile sizes and it can therefore be difficult to keep track of what size comes next when installing it yourself. This is actually quite a unique choice since its goal is to trick you into thinking you are looking at a tiles which are laid out randomly. Its complex nature gives it the appearance of being cohesive yet being seemingly unplanned. Because it is complicated you’ll get the top results when using it with larger patio areas. If you like the Versailles pattern be sure to check it out using travertine stone tiles. This pairing is well-known for its stunning looks that can impress just about anyone and especially those who appreciate beauty.

We all have our own individual preferences and spaces to work with. By taking a look at different tile patterns you’ll be able to choose which one works best for you and brings that space to the next level. Whether straight and simple is more your style, a pattern that reminds you of bricks on a wall, or something more complex that appears to be random, there is something for everyone, and actually many more than listed here. So, once you’ve decided on a tile material, take your time and consider which pattern you prefer to help get the best results.

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