Starting a Lawn Care Business

starting lineLawn care is a great industry to consider if you’re looking to go into business for yourself. There are numerous advantages to starting a lawn care business: the start up cost is relatively low, it’s a service used by homeowners, renters, and commercial building owners, and you can keep fit just by going to work.

This is an ideal type of business venture to launch if you live in an area that is warm most of the year, as you’ll have a steady supply of clients year-round. However, those who live in cooler cities should consider giving lawn care a try as well — you can cut and maintain your clients’ lawns during the spring and summer, and add on services that they’ll need during the fall and winter months to keep money coming in.

Getting started in the lawn care business is fairly simple. First, choose a name for your service. If you go with a business name that is not your own legal name, you will likely need to get an assumed name certificate, or DBA, from your county.

Next, get the most reliable lawn mower that you can afford. If you’re short on money, consider looking at online classified ad sites, pawn shops, or thrift stores. With a lawn mower in hand, you’ll be able to get your first customers quickly. Add on additional equipment, such as edgers, trimmers, and other lawn care supplies, as your business grows and you start making a profit.

Aside from the residential homes around you — which you should definitely target for business — think of the many types of businesses which use lawn care services in your area, such as property management companies, real estate firms, business offices, and even churches and private schools. With a bit of time and effort, you’ll have a growing customer base and a thriving source of income.

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