Rubber Tiles Make The Outdoors Soft And Safe

Many patios and outdoor walkways, particularly those made from concrete can be slippery when wet and therefore extremely dangerous. Even in only slightly damp conditions slimy moss and algae can grow making them even more slick. Depending on where you live and if your yard is prone to flooding this can be often be a huge hassle and liability. Rubber tiles are almost always the best solution to the problem and one that can help you save cash too!

Grip For Safety

Other tile materials may be all about the looks but with rubber it’s their grip that they’re famous for. Rubber patio tiles are specifically manufactured to be anti-slip. Their textured grip prevents accidents from occurring in the first place even in the wettest of conditions. They are able to accomplish this because they are made to be porous so instead of rain or excess water staying on the top of the tile it actually drains right through and into the ground below. Being able to provide a surface that gives you traction no matter how wet, of course makes them a great choice not only for those who demand safety in general but especially for ones who own swimming pools.

A Soft Place To Land

Rubber tiles are like a double layer of insurance. They are your first line of defense for avoiding accidents but if they do happen, which is unavoidable especially if you have kids, they give you a soft place to land. By absorbing the majority of the shock, these tiles also don’t cause nearly the same injuries if any at all, that a fall on concrete or stone would. A slip which would normally result in a broken bone or stitches usually can be simply laughed off. For the elderly, anyone safety conscious, or parents this can literally be a lifesaver.

DIY Equals Less Cash Spent

Anyone who likes outdoor projects they can complete themselves will appreciate that these can be installed without having to pay a professional. Since they are interlocking rubber tiles are so simple to put together that no skill or tools are needed. All you have to do is take them out of the box place them down lock them together and you’re finished. They don’t require any adhesive, grout, or caulk so there’s no mess to deal with or time wasted waiting for them to set or dry. And, you can place them down over any semi-flat surface.

Be Creative

Since all you need is somewhere semi-flat you can be very creative where you use them. Right on top of your existing deck, patio, or walkway of course is an extremely fast and efficient way to give any of these a facelift. But you can even use them on your lawn, just be sure to tell your landscaping professional so they won’t forget to trim any grass that begins to grow through the tile if it does at all. Balconies can always do with extra grip for obvious reasons and don’t forget indoors either in places like the laundry room or basement. And like mentioned above, around the pool is always a smart idea as well and don’t overlook the hot tub either.

For maximum safety, no other option can compete with rubber tiles. Grip to keep you standing and soft for if you fall, they’ll give you peace of mind knowing your family is safe from injury when having fun outside. And by being able to install them yourself you’ll be able to keep your keep cash where it belongs, in the bank.

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