A Quick Intro To The Pergola

While most people have heard of a gazebo, there is another excellent option when it comes to outdoor structures. A pergola is normally square in shape with four supporting beams and a roof which is made up of a series of open slats. Making them even more unique is the fact that they have no walls. So why would you want to consider one for your garden or patio? There are actually quite a few reasons such as:

A Stunning Place For Plants Grow

One of the most stunning ways to decorate your pergola is by using climbing vines and flowers. When planted at the base of its beams they will grow upwards and eventually onto the roof. By doing so you can easily create a gorgeous focal point in an outdoor space of any size. There are many popular plants you can use to accomplish this such as roses and even grapes.

Beat the Heat

At first glance you might think that pergolas because of their slatted roof tend to get hot. In fact, the opposite is true. They are actually a perfect place to beat the heat and their roof blocks the vast majority of the sun’s rays as their angle changes throughout the day with the position of the sun. And, there open wall-less design lets you fully enjoy the benefits of a cool breeze like no other structure since there is nothing to block it.


When shopping for pergolas there are a few different materials to choose from. Wood is a natural looking option that can make a real impact. Cedar, redwood, and pressure treated pine are all widely available. Metal is popular especially in black color. Aluminum, wrought iron, and steel each have their own individual benefits. And vinyl is favored by those who want something cheaper, easier to maintain and light in weight.

Kits For Convenience

You could build your own if you have the DIY skills and some time to spare. Or you get one custom made if you have very specific pergola plans and a little more cash to spend. Custom made units may be your best bet as well if you want an unusual shape or something extra large in size. However, most consumers simply go with kits. These include everything you need to setup your pergola yourself and come in all different materials, sizes, and styles. Many are very reasonably priced and a large number of manufacturers can even install your structure for you for an extra fee if you don’t feel like dealing with it.

Easy to Personalize

After purchasing one, personalizing your pergola is pretty simple. Installing lights can let you use yours for dining or just relaxing on a cool summer’s night. Built-in lights, string lights, and hanging fixtures are all popular choices. For feeling a little more secluded a privacy screen can make a big difference. Electric fans and curtains for blocking out more sun and staying extra cool are a great way to go too. And of course don’t forget about adding your favorite climbing plants as well to create your very own living structure.

As you can see, pergolas are an unbelievable way to enjoy your garden or patio space. With no walls to block the view or breeze experiencing the outdoors to its fullest potential while still being protected from the sun is effortless. A variety of materials and kits to choose from means picking the right one is never a problem even for very picky individuals. And best of all you can personalize your pergola in countless ways to help make it your dream spot to relax.

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