Outdoor Tiles Complete The Look Of Your Yard

Having your yard and garden professionally landscaped will always help your property to look its best. And by using the correct outdoor tiles for your patio, walkway, or stairs you can be sure your final results will look even more stunning. While it is most often thought of for indoor use, tile can be used outside for many different applications from providing grip to adding to the look of your outdoor space as a whole.

Stone For Natural Appeal

There’s no need to settle for a drab concrete slab or path when you have so many tile choices available. Stone tiles are one of the most popular options because of their natural look. Each individual tile has its own unique markings, coloration, and texture. Depending on the type of stone you choose these can vary and are often the reason homeowners find them so appealing. Slates tiles in particular really range in color and their natural texture can be a great way to provide a non-slip surface too. However, keep in mind that all types of stones are different so may not require the same maintenance.

Porcelain and Ceramic From Indoors To Out

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles can be used outside as well. However, it’s very important to make sure that neither are glazed if you will be walking on them, since this would make them very slippery and possibly dangerous in wet or damp conditions. You can use the glazed variety on outdoor walls and the risers of steps just not on the steps themselves. When shopping you’ll also need to choose ceramic or porcelain outdoor tiles that have a PEI rating of four or five. This will guarantee that they can handle the abuse of being used on a patio and in the elements.

For Those Who Want To Do It Themselves

If you like DIY projects there are a few really easy ones that won’t break the bank. Deck tiles and outdoor rubber tiles both are made to be placed right over your existing patio area or even on the lawn if it is flat. Both types are interlocking so you don’t need to pay a hefty installation fee or use any adhesive. Deck tiles are typically made from wood, but are often also available in composite materials as well. If you go for tile made from rubber you’re sure to improve the both the safety and grip of wherever you install them.

The Question That Determines The Most

While there are some inexpensive options, some outdoor tiles can be costly depending on their material, size, and how many you’ll need. For that reason it is always crucial you ask yourself one very basic yet important question: How will the area you are considering tiling be used? This will be the most important factor in helping you decide on a material. Therefore you should take some time, and really think about it. Will it be used to entertain, relax and enjoy the view of your garden or yard, for a place for the kids to play, or all of these? Every tile material has its own individual advantages and abilities. For example, while rubber can provide safety, it doesn’t have the beauty of sandstone. And even though slate can be gorgeous it can be prone to becoming scratched.

Outdoor tiles of all types can really make a huge impact on how you can enjoy your space, both visually and physically. Be sure to check out the choices mentioned above, but before you buy anything ask yourself the determining question. It will save you cash, time, and frustration while giving you the results you truly want.

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