Landscaping Companies Are Worth Considering

Garden in bloom

According to lawn care experts, most homeowners make mistakes when they mow their lawn. If you want to impress everyone on your block, contact a landscaping company and request a professional mowing service.

The Most Common Mistakes

Many people cut their grass to low. Short blades of grass break down easily, so they will decrease curb appeal over time Tall blades are not recommended either; they put stress on the lawn, which prevents future growth. Landscaping specialists protect lawns by cutting only one-third of the grass blades.

Homeowners also mow their lawns incorrectly by following an improper pattern. If grass is mowed in one direction throughout the summer, the turf will flatten. As a result, new grass will have problems growing. Lawn care experts follow different patterns during every project. This strategy helps the technicians avoid areas that are already mowed.

Although grass clippings are free, they are not very useful because they usually decompose quickly. Good mulch is a better solution since it gives a lawn essential nutrients that encourage growth. Landscaping companies always use quality mulch to increase curl appeal.

Landscapers Protect Lawns

If a property has various brown patches, a landscaper will install a sprinkler in the affected areas. Most technicians use impulse sprinkler systems because the components are easy to fine-tune.

Weeds can cause brown spots too. Landscapers solve this problem by spraying a pre-emergent herbicide on the lawn in the spring.

Overall, if you hire a landscaping company, you can preserve your lawn without any risks.

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