Free Landscaping Ideas

log-home-95677_640Landscaping is one of the most important components of the curb appeal of any home. A few simple landscaping projects can make a huge difference in the way a home looks. Below you will find several free landscaping ideas to help you on your next landscaping projects. Use these as a reference for planning your own landscaping design or finding a landscaping professional in your area.

Landscaping should accentuate the unique features of a home. Identify any specific style or focal points of your home and then coordinate the landscaping to match. For example, a Mediterranean style home looks great when paired with cypress trees, gravel paths, and bright red flowers. An English cottage, on the other hand, would be better accentuated by a wild rose garden, a white picket fence, and boxwood hedges.

Landscaping can also be utilized to emphasize or deemphasize home features. If a house boasts a statement-style front door, a vignette of trees, bushes, and flowers can be strategically placed to flank the entryway. In order to deemphasize an ugly electrical box, tall grasses and mulch can be used to disguise it.

Another important component of excellent landscaping is to incorporate logical walking paths. Walkways in a coordinating material such as concrete, stepping stones, or even moss should be placed in order to optimize walkability. There should always be a path from the driveway to the front door and often from the door to the street.

Use these ideas as you plan your next landscaping project.

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