Deck Tiles Create And Refurbish Patio Spaces In An Instant

There are quite a few types of tiles homeowners can use to improve their lawn, garden, or patio space. Natural stone, porcelain, and even rubber are all commonly used. However, deck tiles another option which may be right for you especially if you’re looking for something a little different.

What Are They?

Most people assume these look like standard type tiles you’d see on a patio, walkway, or in your home. However, they are pretty unique. First off, they are fairly large, the majority being about twelve by twelve inches in size. Unlike most others they are also designed to look like either wooden or composite flooring when they are installed. That’s because each individual tile is made up of multiple stats that when placed next to each other line up exactly. Most guests would be surprised to find out that what they are standing on is actually not an expensive outdoor flooring installation.


Like mentioned above you’ll usually find these in either wooden or composite materials. Wood deck tiles provide a natural looking surface and can be found in many different woods to meet specific preferences. Virtually all of the woods used are well-known for their strength and extreme toughness. Eucalyptus, ipe, and teak are just a few of what there is to choose from. Composite options are made from a blend of synthetic materials often including recycled wood. As a result they can be made to have the appearance of real wood. Some composite deck tiles are stamped with a pattern that gives them extra grip for slippery outdoor spots such as around the pool while others are smooth.


Just like rubber tiles, they require zero skill to install on your own. And that fact alone equals some serious savings. It also means you can create an outdoor surface in minutes as opposed to days or weeks. All you have to do is interlock the tiles with one another as you lay them down. A task which is very simple. For a completely finished look you may want to consider end trim pieces for the perimeter of your project which are also interlocking and can really help to make it look as if it were professionally done.

Where To Use Them

Because they are rigid both wooden and composite deck tiles can be used for walkways or patios even on the lawn. Of course your lawn care professional will most likely have to trim any blades of grass that grow up between the slats however. This can be perfect for anyone who wants to be able to relax with friends and family in a shady spot in their backyard without having to pay an arm a leg for a concrete slab. They are also great under gazebos, pergolas, and other outdoor structures for both grip and keeping mud and dirt at bay. But, of course you can also put them on top of a dilapidated deck or shabby looking concrete patio if you have one. By doing so you won’t have to remove anything at all to get the look of a new one!

There’s nothing like a job you can do yourself that’s guaranteed to come out looking like it was installed by a highly skilled professional. Deck tiles can give you the surface you need with looks that please. Whether you prefer natural wood or composite there are many options to choose from all of which are ready to be laid down as soon as you get them home!

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